Saturday, 23 January 2016


1 being the mother of all dragons means that shes compatible with all other dragon types, so you can use her with any other dragon. and because any dragon is a blood relative of tiamat, a crime against one dragon is a crime against all dragons

2 regardless of the actual degradation of the dragon race, she has total faith that the plagues of man will fall to dust in time, dragons will simply outlast them. first there was tiamat and there has always been tiamat  and in the end there will always be tiamat. each dragon that dies is a tragedy that must be repaid with furious vengeance but if all other dragons are eradicated, ultimately she will just make more dragons

3 she writes her own histories in the huge (man-size) tomes known as the annals of tiamat, these are the only historical documents that span all of the eras of earth from its inception to today. she doesnt exactly keep track of all of these books because they are basically indestructible (bound in opalescent scale and inscribed in elfblood, which doesnt fade)  and she has ways of tracking the volumes down if she needs to, but they comprise a complete history of all of the things she has ever known including probably 90% of whch things that she has forgot, totally overpowered magic dragon spells from before the covenant of merlin, halfhearted liner notes on everything that has ever happened, etc

4 she is always angry about everything all of the time, total screetchy fussy hellbitch

5 she grants wishes